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Plexus Slim Cost – Learn How To Get Lower Pricing Today

plexus slim prices and costWant to find the lowest plexus slim cost and the price of other plexus products? Want to order Plexus Products at the lowest cost?  Well, there are 3 ways to order.  Each way  will get you a different price. But please read through, as their are implications for each. There is a link at the end of the page, which you can click to learn how to order our other products like: Plexus Slim and Accelerator+, Plexus Boost, Plexus Block and other related Products.

Plexus Products Options

What are my plexus products options and how does it effect price? What is the Plexus Slim Cost?

There are three different ways to order plexus products. These will be explained below in order: Preferred, Retail, and Ambassador. The plexus slim cost can be found by clicking on the preferred and retail link.

Preferred Method (I Recommend This)

As a preferred customer, you get a lower cost than what a retail customer has to pay; however, you agree to a monthly recurring auto ship. You can cancel your monthly purchase any time 15 days after your first purchase.

Is Cancelling Easy: It’s a simple 1 minute phone call. Just have your order email ready and your set.

How much do I save? $15 on any two or three product combo pack. (Example: Plexus Slim/Boost/Block)

*To see preferred prices, click the link below*

plexus slim prices

Retail Method

As a retail customer you purchase the plexus product one time at the regular cost.

plexus products


Purchase as an Ambassador

Get Your Plexus Products Free: With 11 ways to earn, you could be covering the cost of your orders before you know it.

Becoming an ambassador means you pay a fee of $34.95 yearly. However, you can make this money back very easily. By either enrolling new customers, or by saving on every plexus purchase you make. Specifically for the Plexus Slim Cost, as an ambassador it will be cheaper. For example, you will save $25 off the retail price of your plexus slim and accelerator+ purchase.

Earn Money:  If you just want to try the product, i wouldn’t start here. But if you want this to be a business you can. For a full Compensation Plan Overview *Click Here*

Knowing your options for the cost of Plexus Slim is a good idea. Most realize a couple months down the road, maybe they should have been ordering preferred.  So make sure the plexus price you decide to pay is the right payment option for you.

If you have more questions, you can reach me at

Is the Plexus Slim Cost and price of other products a good deal?

Well lets put it this way. A personal trainer will charge you over $1000/month to train with them a few times a week.  A gym membership will cost you upwards of $40/month plus the time spent there.  A meal plan will take countless hours every day to prepare and you will hate your life eating things like quinoa and kale salads.

If your thinking about purchasing this product, here is one more incentive.  The 60 day money back refund program for plexus products customers only, not ambassadors.  This entails a no reason necessary refund program that refunds you 100% of your money.  Therefore, its virtually no risk to try this product.

Check out the reviews below to see what others have experienced on the product. See other reviews here as well.

plexus prices

what is the plexus slim cost

Plexus Slim Cost


Plexus now has many combo packs that are worth looking into.  These combo packages offer discounts on the total order price when you order them together. They are designed to work synergistically to provide you with the most stable and profound weight loss. Yes they cost slightly more, but if weight loss, body cleansing  or both is your goal, these combo packs are right for you.


Plexus Slim, Boost, Block Combo: The best and most effective way to shed lbs for the majority of users.

Plexus Slim, Accelerator, Block Combo: Slightly more effective then the above for most, but many users report jitteriness from the accelerator. Boost was formulated to replace the accelerator and accelerator+

Triplex Combo: If your looking for a more gradual weight loss combined with a body cleanse this is fantastic. For some this works the best as their body can’t get rid of the toxins naturally. Therefore their body is fighting these toxins rather then fighting the fat. Consider this if you believe your body is toxic from your environment.

ProBio5: Add this to the first two combo’s and your far ahead of those around you. Help your body with what it needs.





  1. Adam Notwchik says

    I thought this product was for females only, until my wife made me try it. I’ve lost 15 lbs in less than 2 months and am so happy. I haven’t had to work out or do anything different. If anything its reduced my cravings for the junk food I always used to eat. I knew I had to stop eating all that crap, but I never could bring myself to do it. Plexus Slim gave me the tools to do it! I now live happier and healthier than I ever was.


  2. Nancy says

    Wow Jess, that is an awesome story. I am really interested in starting this program. I have tried and failed as so many diets. Like you, I hardly eat but still manage to gain weight. thanks again for the story you shared.

  3. Nicole says

    I am 16 and weigh 240 on a good day, I try to lose weight but the more I try the more I seem to gain weight. I am hoping that my mom will buy me this product to help me with my journey of losing weight.

  4. Darlee says

    I am a type 2 diabetic and insulin dependent, I am considering this product to help with weight loss…can anyone tell me how this product could effect my diabetes, the good and bad effects…I have read on the site that it helps “regulate sugar levels”…?

  5. Gwen says

    Thank you Jess. I have a sluggish thyroid-(hypothyrodism) and I am overweight. I need some energy so I can get up and do things. Wish me well

  6. Connie Wismer says

    Hello, I live in Ontario Canada, close to Detroit. How can I order some product to try. Thank you.

        • Rachel Baumis says

          From what I’ve seen the answer is no. However, some individuals do tend to gain some weight back after they stop. This does not happen all the time, but it could happen. Most of the people who lose the weight keep the weight off for a number of reasons. One, they have become more active. Its easier for them to be active, and keep the weight off. Remember, plexus isn’t a miracle product. It is a supplement and at that it will help and accelerate all your weight loss goals.

  7. Margaret says

    After you have lost the desired weight, do you continue to stay on Plexus? If so, how do you keep from losing too much?

    • Rachel Baumis says

      Some continue some don’t. I’ve found the best way is to slowly ween yourself off the product. The majority of individuals have no issues keeping the weight off.

  8. Amber says

    I am really interested in trying this out! I tryed many other things but never worked I just dont know where to find the cost of the products at. And I don’t have a Ambassador.

    • Rachel Baumis says

      I would love to help you out. I recommend ordering a one month’s supply first. You can test it see if it is good for you then move forward. Click on the preferred prices link to see preferred prices or the retail link to see retail prices

    • Rachel Baumis says

      You do not need it, but most people who take both simultaneously do tend to get better results. This is only from what i’ve seen and I can’t guarantee it :) I’d recommend you try both, but if you feel jittery from the accelerator you can try the boost instead. It’s potency in terms of stimulation is slightly less.

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