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What is the Plexus Slim Cost or Price?

You can get a reduced Plexus Slim cost by using our one simple trick.  Save $15 by following the steps below. It’s fast and easy so read on below this testimonial to see how.

How do I get $15 off ?

All you have to do is order as a preferred customer.

1) Purchase as a preferred customer

2) Save $15

3) Cancel Auto ship

plexus cost

Regular retail price is $115, but as a preferred customer you pay $99.99. This will activate savings of $15 off of the retail price. What you must make note of is that as a preferred customer you are put on an auto-ship program.  This means the product will order month after month until you cancel.  All you have to do is simply, cancel it at any time and you will only receive the product for which you paid.  I urge you to order via preferred customer and not at retail.  Cancelling is simple and it is a waste of your money to purchase at full price when you can save $15 so easily.  The Plexus Slim Cost can be viewed here if you would like.  It will also explain the preferred vs retail customer purchase methods.  You can read it again if you’d like to ensure proper explanation was provided here.

I urge you to read and re-read the above if you don’t understand.  I can’t tell you how many times individuals have paid the retail price and basically given their money away.  You need to know what is the cost of Plexus Slim. Most realize a couple months down the road, sometimes never, that they have given their money away.  So make sure the plexus prices your paying is the cheaper one.

Is the Plexus Slim Cost a good deal?

Well lets put it this way. A personal trainer will charge you over $1000/month to train with them a few times a week.  A gym membership will cost you upwards of $40/month plus the time spent there.  A meal plan will take countless hours every day to prepare and you will hate your life eating things like quinoa and kale salads.  I like to think of the famous quote from Johnny Carson “I know a man who gave up drinking, smoking, sex and rich food. He was healthy right up until the day he killed himself”.

If your thinking about purchasing this product, here is one more incentive.  The 60 day money back refund program.  This entails a no reason necessary refund program that refunds you 100% of your money.  Therefore, its virtually no risk to try this product.

On top of that, for the small fee of the plexus slim cost, you will start losing pounds right away without any fitness routine or meal plan.  No special diets, no exercise is required with this.   The product will actually curb your cravings and regulate your metabolism.  I imagine if you are overweight it’s because your body can’t digest the food at the same speed others can.  This system needs to be reset and this product is the solution to that.

Check out the reviews below to see what others have experienced on the product. See other reviews here as well.

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By Rachel Baumis


  1. Michelle Yourts says

    I love my Plexus. My friends Brandi Brown Bolyard told me about Plexus one day at work and said you need to try this. She knows I have been trying for many years to lose weight and getting no where. So that day I ordered the Plexus slim and accelerator. I started asap and she took my first picture. While its now been 4 months and I am down 45 pounds and I just started measuring on Aug.3 and as of Aug.16 I have lost 36 inches total on different areas of my body. So I just can wonder how many inches I lost before that. I have so much more energy now then I have had in years. After about 2 months I added the Bio cleaners and the probio5. When I started I was wearing an embarrassing 4x and now I am wearing 2x. I can get an xlg on but still a little tight, but I can get it on. I never wanted to get on the scale before because the numbers would not go down. Now I can’t wait to get on the scale and see lower numbers. Yes some weeks I don’t see the numbers go down, but now that I am measuring I am seeing I have lost inches instead of pounds and that makes me feel just as good. I can’t thank Brandi enough for getting me started and thank you Plexus with making me feel so much better about myself.

  2. Jess Metcallfe says

    une 26, 2013 I weighed 308 pounds and wore a size 5 XL in Shorts and a 26/28 in a Shirt. My journey with Plexus was just beginning but, I held out hope that one day I may finally be small enough to look in the mirror and say to myself “I’m Beautiful”. Never have I felt beautiful or sexy. I suffered from frequent depression, anxiety attacks, and felt as if the world was crashing in on me.

    I was diagnosed with PCOS, hypothyroidism, Acid Reflux, frequently had high blood pressure, my cholesterol could never stay at a decent level, and I had absolutely no energy for anything. At 26 year of age I had to make a decision to start living life instead of letting life take over on me. My body was one thing but I barely ate to begin with heck my husband ate 3times more than I did during any given day and yet the weight was still there.

    I hated how I looked, often wished it was a dream, sometimes wondering if I really am meant to be here on Earth or if I had a higher purpose. Maybe it was a punishment for being a spoiled child. Either way I could not deal with my weight and hated to have my husband look at me because I felt ugly because to me I was ugly.

    Too many people made fun of me, made my life a living hell, I was living my own version of hell with what seemed like there was no way out.

    Then Plexus happened. I have been on Plexus since June 26, 2013 started at 308 pounds and NOW nearly 40 pounds (38 exact) down I have dropped from a 5XL in shorts to a 3XL and needing to drop again. My shirts went from a size 26/28 to a size 20 flat. Today I am wearing a new tank top that I have been dying to fit into and guess what? It FITS! My depression is down right GONE, just GONE! I am not depressed actually I am very much happy! Happy to be alive, to be me, and to finally say I have dropped this much weight in just a little over a month. I sometimes bloat each month (ladies) ha-ha. But, it goes away within a week. (Just getting over bloating now)

    My thyroid is regulated, cholesterol is much better, What High Blood Pressure? It is GONE! Barely ever have Acid Reflux, Anxiety attacks have diminished and I barely ever have one its been over 2 weeks now. Mood swings are very much controlled and I rarely suffer from any mood swings, I am no longer tired. I can actually get up and go. I actually work circles around my husband now and he weights 175 pounds.

    Plexus has changed my life in a way that there are no words to explain how happy I truly am now. I feel like the dark cloud that has been over me for so long is finally gone and the Sun is shinning. I love waking up because typically I jump on the scale and see more weight gone. That is the best feeling in the world. Plexus has given me a future to be so happy for. I am looking forward to my journey and my freedom.

    Thank you Plexus for showing me how great life really can be if you just learn how to take control.

    Feel free to friend me if you have questions.

    • Kristen Torrez says

      Did you ever work out cause I’m a mom of three and I’m currently wearing a size 1x the biggest I’ve been in my lifetime and would like to lose some weight but I don’t have the time or energy to put into working out an weighing my foods anymore

      • Jess Metcallfe says

        Hi Kristen,

        Nope, I did not work out at all. I understand your time constraints with your kids and i’m sorry to hear your the biggest you’ve been in your lifetime.

        I forget who told me, but they said “One a day and your on your way”. Its as simple as taking a drink every morning at the same time each day. I’m excited to see what happens moving forward. My doctor has advised me to start working out, but all I have time for is simple stretches at home. Usually I do them when I watch the tv. Just doing a few stretches a day helps me feel better, but definitely doesn’t help me lose weight.

        Plexus has helped me lose the weight and I am very happy.

        I hope this helped :)

      • Jess Metcallfe says

        Naturally I started eating less and less over time. What really happened is that I craved less of the bad foods for me. One order lasts me about a month.

        Im always full and never feel hungry which is the best part. Best of luck Taki

      • Jess Metcallfe says

        Hi Sherrie. My journey isn’t done yet. Still losing weight as we speak. How long I’ll be on this product who knows, but as long as i continue to lose the weight i’m happy.

        I didn’t exercise and my eating habits changed naturally. I never even noticed what was happening it just started. I craved less sugary and fatty foods and felt more full all the time. I stopped binge eating and just feel better overall :) Good luck

    • jm says

      I was wondering is you story really true and im not really wanting to sound dum about it because i have tried so many other dietary products and it was a zero. please be honest because im so unhappy right now. do u have pictures if not being to personal.

    • Suzie Holt says

      Jess thank you for your sharing your wonderful story. I now have hope just thought i plexus wasnt for someone as 320 pounds as i am.Now i know thank you for my Hope.


      • Jess Metcallfe says

        Your Welcome Suzie, So happy I can help! Hearing stories like you get my excited and i wish you the best in your journey.

  3. Sandy Tessa says

    Wow these results are fantastic. I can’t say enough. Thank you so much for telling me how to save the $15. I was ordering it overpriced until i found this site.

    Thank YOU!

  4. Adam Notwchik says

    I thought this product was for females only, until my wife made me try it. I’ve lost 15 lbs in less than 2 months and am so happy. I haven’t had to work out or do anything different. If anything its reduced my cravings for the junk food I always used to eat. I knew I had to stop eating all that crap, but I never could bring myself to do it. Plexus Slim gave me the tools to do it! I now live happier and healthier than I ever was.


  5. Nancy says

    Wow Jess, that is an awesome story. I am really interested in starting this program. I have tried and failed as so many diets. Like you, I hardly eat but still manage to gain weight. thanks again for the story you shared.

  6. Nicole says

    I am 16 and weigh 240 on a good day, I try to lose weight but the more I try the more I seem to gain weight. I am hoping that my mom will buy me this product to help me with my journey of losing weight.

  7. Darlee says

    I am a type 2 diabetic and insulin dependent, I am considering this product to help with weight loss…can anyone tell me how this product could effect my diabetes, the good and bad effects…I have read on the site that it helps “regulate sugar levels”…?

    • retha lockhart says

      I drin plexus and check my blood sugar – not asuch now tho – and it helped to stabilize it.. I’m not a diabetic but it would bottom out quite often. I have a friend who is a diabetic and she is off insalin and is more stable also. But I’d also check with your doctor. I’d check before taking anything tho bc idk what alleds someone may be taking. I’ve never known anyone to have a bad reaction to it tho.

  8. Gwen says

    Thank you Jess. I have a sluggish thyroid-(hypothyrodism) and I am overweight. I need some energy so I can get up and do things. Wish me well

  9. Connie Wismer says

    Hello, I live in Ontario Canada, close to Detroit. How can I order some product to try. Thank you.

  10. Margaret says

    After you have lost the desired weight, do you continue to stay on Plexus? If so, how do you keep from losing too much?

    • Rachel Baumis says

      Some continue some don’t. I’ve found the best way is to slowly ween yourself off the product. The majority of individuals have no issues keeping the weight off.

  11. Rachel Baumis says

    New Plexus Slim Boost has arrived! Woohoo. Check it out all. Same way to buy applies with the Boost products :) That is buy it as a preferred customer and save. Check out the coupon tab to get more details

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