#1 – Turn Off Electronics Before Bed

We see it over and over again “Turn off your electronics”, but its serious. You need about 30 minutes without electronics to fall asleep. Have you ever been so tired, than you go to turn on the t.v. and all of a sudden it feels like you can stay awake?  I know I have. Now thats not to say it does it for everyone. Some people react differently, but for us unlucky ones, its crucial. Scientifically your brain produces melatonin that helps you sleep. It tells you “go to bed”. But the body doesn’t produce it if your being bombarded with lights, especially flashing ones.

#2 – Have A Shower Before Bed

This one isn’t as well known but does wonders for the body and mind. Water reduces stress and relaxes the muscles. Crawling into bed clean, or even just rinsed is an unbelievable way to help fall asleep. To add to its benefits, it also takes you away from the tv screen for a little before sleep. Its an excellent way to kill two birds with one stone.

#3 – Spray Some Lavender

You can spray it on your pillow or in the air near where you sleep. Either way lavender has shown to reduce stress and induce sleep. It helps relax like the shower. If you do all three of these I can almost guarantee you will start sleeping better, faster and longer. And who doesn’t want that?