Alea Sleep Mattress Review

alea sleep mattress

With all the companies out there, it seems one has too many options. So when Alea Sleep launched, I initially thought oh great… another company. But realistically let’s think about this. How many car manufacturers, makes and models are there?  These can be large investments were talking about and we want to make sure its a good one. I like what Alea did by not saying they had one perfect mattress. They recognize different mattresses can offer different levels of comfort, and for different price points. Not everyone can afford a $1000. And for those who can afford more, they want a better one. For those who can afford less, they still want a nice mattress (one that’s not from a big box store or cheap e-commerce retailer)

Best Value – High End, Alea Sleep’s Serenity Mattress

alea sleep serenity

The Serenity mattress is amazing value and comfort. It boasts 3″ of 3rd generation memory foam, whereas its competitors only have 2″. Not only does it have an extra 1″ over competitors like Endy and Casper, but it uses 3rd generation memory foam. Traditional memory foam needs heat to react and mold to your body. Alea’s memory foam does not. It also boasts an organic cotton cover, which is a nice addition. Zoned Lumbar support sets it apart đŸ™‚

 High-End, Alea Sleep’s Sanctuary Mattress

aleasleep sanctuary

Their high-end mattress is one of the first to combine latex and memory foam. Ultimately, this provides that deep pressure relief memory foam has to offer while giving the amazing support of latex. Having a latex top, your mattress will last years beyond any other. This is seriously the premium, top shelf, of mattresses. I’ve never laid on a mattress that felt so comfy. It was so nice I can still close my eyes, and feel the gentle embrace as it hugged my body oh so gently. Sleeping on that mattress, I imagine, would be a dream come true.

For those who still like coils, Hamuq has a great option with their hybrid mattress.

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