Plexus Slim Canada – Ordering in another country 

Many have asked how to order Plexus products in Canada. To date many have now order plexus slim in canada.   Launching only a few years ago, this product was new to the market. Skeptics existed and skeptics were shown the truth.  The best part is, this product is so simple to use.

How to Order Plexus Slim Canada at the Lowest Price

1) Retail Order: This is a one time order at full cost

2) *Preferred Order*: Signing up as a preferred customer gets you savings of up to 20%.  Ordering preferred sets you up on a monthly auto ship, which means the product will re-order every month.  This you can cancel at anytime. Cancellation is simple and takes less then a few minutes, trust me. 

3) Shipping Time: Is approximately 2-5 business days.

4) Shipping Cost: Approximately $10.00 to all normal city addresses

The Canadian Government Foreign Product Alert (FPA) has been lifted. It was premature in issuing, but I’m glad our government follows the safe rather then sorry route… “Sometimes” 

The shipping costs are approximately $9.50 to most Canadian addresses. You can click the link above or below and enter in your address at checkout to see the full price.

So you live in Canada?

The best thing you can do is make sure this product is for you, then try it for yourself. And don’t forget, lifestyle is still the most important factor in weight loss. Plexus just helps 🙂

Plexus Slim in Canada

Whether or not you just want to try the product, you want to take on the challenge, or want to become a business partner, the options are there for you.    Just follow the simple steps of taking your drink every morning.  What do you have to lose with buying in Canada your Plexus Slim products?  Nothing, with the 30 day money back guarantee.  Try it and if it doesn’t work, send it back.  You can literally try it risk free.       Some have seen better results than others, but everyone has seen results.  So much so there telling there friends and family.

Nutritional Facts of Plexus Slim?

Want to know the Nutritional Facts of Plexus Slim? 

Why not use a different weight loss product? There are so many others out there. Well we do not want to push you into buying plexus canada. It is a matter of preference when it comes to weight loss. The biggest factors are the most common and they have nothing to do with supplements. They include, proper nutrition, proper rest, proper hydration and exercise. Stress can also play into weight loss, but if you follow the four previously (with some give), your stress levels will be sure to be diminished. All of these factors effectively help weight loss. As you lose weight, they will become easier. As you become more in shape, they will become easier. Now with all this being said, there are supplements and extras you can do to help with your goals. Plexus Canada offers one of those solutions. It is a supplement, a weight loss product, and acts as an additional helper. It is another reason and another motivator to lose weight. If your not super rich it will be rather expensive too. And anything we have to pay for can be a motivator. Plexus Slim Canada is a network of individuals who have committed to weight loss and better health. Your body will thank you, your mind will thank you, and your hubby/wife will thank you if you shed a few extra pounds. And in most facets of life. So if you think its time to start your weight loss journey. Then it is time. You have to reflect and make a commitment and stick to it. Its the only way.


For inquiries please contact

Natalie Foeller




  1. Rosemary says:

    What about this from the government of Canada?
    Has the alert been removed? If so, where do I find that information?

    • Rachel Baumis says:

      Old news. This is in regards to the old accelerator that doesn’t exist anymore. People were still selling samples with old product. Nothing to worry about now.

  2. Can I purchase this item when visiting the US is so where.

    • Rachel Baumis says:

      I’d reccomend ordering it to wherever your staying. Order it a few days before you arrive and it should be there during your stay.

  3. nancy stuart says:

    hi, trying to order using my visa ,wont let me continue after filling in all the spaces. wish u guys had a phone number to call, don’t see one on the site!

  4. where is the health canada taking ban off located at

    • Rachel Baumis says:

      The company came up with a new formula to adhere to the guidelines.

    • Rachel Baumis says:

      It was actually removed as quick as it was placed. The FPA alert related to an old formula the company no longer makes.

  5. Hi Rachel!
    I was just wondering if Plexus is still banned in Canada because I am very interested in trying Plexus for my overall health and weight loss. If I can order it here in Canada, I also need to be advised at to what products to purchase in order to reach my goals.
    Thanks in advance for your help!

  6. Hello Rachel, today is July 14, 2015 and the warning issued from Health Canada on Feb. 7 2014 is still on their website. Has is been lifted or not?

    • Rachel Baumis says:

      I have been assured by the company more then once that the ban has been lifted. I guess I could call Health Canada to be sure, but I’m too lazy and I do trust them. For them to say its lifted in writing to me and for that to be false, would be a serious legal issue for them. My thoughts, so yeah, from everything I know and have researched it is lifted.

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