Buy Plexus Slim Accelerator+ Combo – Coupon Code Doesn’t Exist

I remember the day I decided to buy Plexus Slim like it was yesterday. Sun was shining, and I was out for a brisk early morning walk with my dog Charlotte. She was a beautiful pup, with a thick coat of black fur, all ready for the winter months. I had my coffee in my trusty travel mug, one milk one sugar was how I took it. I always found black to be too bitter for me.

My good friend Theresa had contacted me regarding this “supposed magical weight loss product”.   I have always been highly skeptical of weight loss supplements as I was raised with the belief that healthy eating and exercise was the only way to do it.  But as I aged and more responsibilities came my way I found it harder and harder to follow this way of life.  Eventually I gained a lot of weight and became an unhappy obese person. I remember some nights sitting their, watching tv and eating a tiny morsel of cheese and crackers for a snack.  I thought cutting out my late night chip and ice cream binges would do the trick… not for me. Someone was set on keeping me overweight.

So when Theresa told me about the product I quickly said it was not for me. But after a few weeks of reading up on this product I slowly came around.  I was out for the walk that morning with my dog and this switch flipped inside of me.  I was convinced I was going to give the product a try for a month. I knew it couldn’t hurt me and really I had nothing to lose trying. There was a 60 day money back guarantee, so if it didn’t work I would get all my money back.

So what are your options on purchasing?

Disclaimer: As long as you are a new customer, you will not see a plexus slim coupon code in 2014 or 2015.  But if one of the options below suits you better, you can purchase plexus products at a preferred or wholesale price.

1) If you purchase as a retail customer, you will pay full price

2) If you purchase as a preferred customer, you will receive preferred pricing.

3) As a preferred customer you will be put on the autoship program. This means the product will re-order itself every month.  So if you do not wish to receive the product the following month, simply call Plexus and cancel your autoship.

4) Click below to see the the difference in preferred and retail pricing.

plexus slim



An alternative Purchasing Method

1) An alternative to purchasing preferred does exist

2) You can purchase as a wholesale customer

3) As a wholesale customer you can buy Plexus Products at an even lower price

4) But you must pay a one time fee of $34.99

5) So if your going to put in more than 3 orders you will save

6) Less than 3 orders and you will lose money

 Sign Up Wholesale – Visit here and click join at the top.

Or Email

Get your product free: Enroll 3 customers and receive your product for free

As a wholesale customer you can sell all of the Plexus Slim Products. The plexus slim boost, plexus pro bio 5, plexus bio cleanse and many more. If you sell three products a month you receive your product for free. So it is worth looking into if you are interested.  To find out more about becoming an ambassador, CLICK HERE – Nathan has been doing this for a long time and can help you understand how to make and save money with these products. He has been very successful himself.

What I Recommend

If your just going to try the product, don’t buy wholesale. Buy preferred. KISS (Keep it simple stupid).  If you like the product, think about going wholesale.  If your ready to sell the product or know others that can benefit, inquire and contact me about becoming an ambassador


    • Rachel Baumis says

      Hi Bryanna,

      There are many options you can consider. And it depends how much you’d like to spend.

      First of all, I’d recommend the Plexus Slim + Accelerator. This will cost you total $200 for a 2 month supply.

      Also you can read about BioCleanse and ProBio5, which are two great additional products. This would add about $70 for a 2 month supply. These products are not necessary but are nice to have.

      I hope this helps.

  1. Jess Metcallfe says

    Plexus Slim Coupon Code 2014. Save $15 on this page guys. Follow this method. This is the spot for it. Don’t waste your time looking for coupon codes, or searching for plexus coupon code 2014, because they don’t exist. This is the only way to get a reduced price. Love this product

  2. Neil Patelli says

    Plexus Slim Coupon Number for April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December. This will also work in 2015 for above dates. Used the simple trick myself and works like a charm. Thank You

    • Rachel Baumis says

      Plexus will sometimes send an individual coupon code to those who have ordered before. This gives incentive for them to order again. However the code is tied to their Order # and can only be used once. There are no coupon codes for the public.

  3. says

    Bought it at retail for like 3 months. Saw this last week when i was about to order again. Of course I’ll save the extra $15. Going to go buy myself 5 cheeseburgers with it :) Just kidding, i’m taking PLEXUS BABY!

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