Sometimes plexus will come out with coupon codes or promo codes, but usually those are automatically applied. Most often I see “free shipping” for a certain period of time. If that is the case, it will be applied automatically to your order.

So what are you options to purchase and how does it affect the price?

Retail Order: A one-time purchase at full cost

Preferred Customer  You get a lower cost than retail. However, you must agree to a monthly auto ship. You can cancel this auto ship anytime 15 days after your first order. Cancelling is very simple.

Ambassador: You can sign up as an ambassador for an annual fee. This allows you even deeper discounts and the ability to make money off selling the products. You will get a replicated Plexus site, where you can send potential customers .

What I Recommend

1) If your just going to try the product buy preferred.

2) If you plan on using the product for more than 4 months, sign up as an ambassador. It may be worth it.

3) If you like the product, think about signing up as an ambassador.  If your ready to sell the product or know others that can benefit, inquire and contact me about becoming an ambassador.

4) If you want just a one-time simple purchase, buy at full price retail.

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We’ve noted over the past few months to be some free shipping promotions. They only last for a day or so and they happen rarely. The money you save isn’t much to lose sleep over. Nor is it much of an incentive to purchase. The shipping costs are fairly reasonable and should be no reason to deter you on your weight loss journey goals. If you’ve made up your mind to purchase, purchase the product. Don’t wait. The longer you wait, the easier it will be to say “meh, i don’t want to do this anymore”.



  1. Bryanna Walton says:

    how much does this product cost for the whole 60 days supply. i want everything it comes with

    • Rachel Baumis says:

      Hi Bryanna,

      There are many options you can consider. And it depends how much you’d like to spend.

      First of all, I’d recommend the Plexus Slim + Accelerator. Due to regulations I can’t tell you the prices here, but if you click one of the links above you can easily calculate it in the shopping cart. Hope this helps, sorry.

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